Should You Consider a Shower Filter Containing KDF Carbon?

KDF water filters have became the filters of choice because of its proven effective removal of contaminants, it’s also inexpensive and has multiple applications. One of the advantages of using KDF water filters is that you are sure no harmful chemicals are used in the filtering process. It’s only right that you consider KDF water filters when looking for home water filteration options.

Getting to Know a KDF Water Filter

KDF which stands for Kinetic Degradation Fluxicon water filters employ a unique process called Redox (oxidation/reduction). The structure of contaminants are changed through the conveyance of electrons between two channels, the channels are of different charges one positive and one negative.

Chemicals that are made up of atoms with a positive charge are attracted to the process media in the KDF water filter that holds a negative charge, like zinc for example, while those chemicals with atoms carrying a negative charge are drawn to the process media that holds a positive charge, like copper. This way, when the contaminants come in contact with the KDF process media, electrons are drawn away and the make up of the contaminant is changed.

KDF water filter and the chemical process it employs allows potentially harmful substances to be changed into harmless substances that are water-soluble. As an example, KDF water filters transform chlorine through the Redox process by removing the electrons which then leave a harmless, chemical chloride that is water-soluble.

What Harmful Chemicals can KDF Filters Eliminate?

KDF water filters boasts of 99% accuracy in eliminating harmful chemicals these include mercury, aluminum, iron, chlorine, arsenic, hydrogen sulfide, and lead. The filters also control algae, fungi, bacteria, scale and other known micro-organism which may be harmful to humans. This is possible because the Redox process produces an electrolyte field that kills the majority of micro-organisms.

The type of filter you will need depends largely on the kind of water quality you need to treat. KDF water filters come in either KDF-55 or KDF-85, each one treats a different combination of contaminants and you should consider this carefully when choosing the right filter.

How Are KDF Water Filters Used?

Both KDF-55 and KDF-85 water filters can be used either as part of a larger water purification system or on their own. When used alone, KDF-55 and KDF-85 water filters are both highly effective at controlling all the water contaminants listed above.

When you use in as a part of a multiple filtering or purification system it not only aids in the elimination of health threatening contaminants but it also aids in the prevention of chlorine build up than can shorten the life of your water filtrations system substantially.

One of the most common uses for KDF water filters is in shower heads. This is because KDF water filters remain effective at the higher water temperatures and flow levels associated with showerheads.

It may sound unusual that these filters are used for showerheads, after all you may not feel that filtering your bath water is necessary. Why should we filter our bath water? Harmful micro-organisms and unhealthy impurities can get into your body by passing through your pores which open up during hot baths. KDF water filters make sure that these chemicals and impurities will be eliminated before it touches your skin and even more importantly it will assure that your drinking water is clean and healthy.

KDF shower filters, which are proven to be good quality filters, are also quite affordable. This makes it a very good option to consider when choosing a reliable filter for your home. Another distinct advantage of the KDF shower water filter is that it’s environment friendly, its materials are 100% recyclable and does not use any synthetic chemical or additives that can pollute. Installing a KDF shower filter is a practical and healthy choice for your home.

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