Paradigm Inflection Point – Opportunity Or Delusion?

We present you with some examples of “Phase Transition Points” to stimulate your thinking about what you can do to slow and eventually stop global warming.

Think about cold water. Water will freeze totally as soon as the square root of one percent of the water molecules in a container freeze. When that relatively small number of molecules transitions to ice, the remaining molecules freeze instantaneously. In Physics, this is known as a ‘Phase Transition.’

Sound scientific research related by concerned scientists has warned us of Global Warming for decades. As the evidence piled up events like the Kyoto Conference highlighted the seriousness of our situation. Many countries adopted the ‘Kyoto Accord’. The US blatantly refused, being a major polluter, with a government controlled by the arrogant, greedy, and stupid. Stupid in the sense of being concerned only for short term profit and willing to ignore or remain ignorant of the long term consequences. The difference between ‘ignorance’ and ‘stupidity’ is simple. If one is ignorant, one lacks the knowledge to act correctly, If a person, corporation, or government possesses the knowledge and chooses to ignore it, then they are indeed Stupid. At some time recently, the tipping point was reached, and a phase transition occurred. Citizens worldwide, even in the US, became generally concerned but lacked the means to influence their governments effectively. So the ‘Green Party’ aspect began. It became fashionable to pay lip service to being green. Now, after Copenhagen, we are moving into a ‘Green Revolution’ phase and governments and their citizens are going to have to ‘bite the bullet’. The party is over. The situation is getting serious but did anything of value come out of Copenhagen?

GM recently reached a critical point in their decision making process. They elected to keep producing SUV’s and PU’s along with comfort sized sedans and over powered quick accelerating sporty cars. These vehicles all had poor mileage while barely meeting federal EPA standards for emissions. The taxpayers in the US had to bail them out. In stark contrast, back in the early 90’s GM developed an all electric commuter car, good looking and powerful enough to satisfy LA commuters a few of which got to test the “EV-1.” Suddenly, GM policy changed dramatically and the test vehicles, about 200 of them, were recalled, collected in secure storage areas and eventually hauled away and crushed. What happened to this environmentally forward looking plan? It could have gotten the Green Revolution off and running by eventually solving the smog and health problems in LA. The concept could have set a strong example for the reduction of CO2 emissions globally! GM apparently sided with the Petro half of the Petro-Automotive-Industrial Complex, placing their man, also head of their Hydrogen Fuel Cell project, in the head position in CARB. Together they succeeded in killing the project despite the protests of outraged LA citizens. Watch the DVD “Who Killed the Electric Car?” A critical inflection point was reached but not handled so as to attain the best maximum long range results.

Biochemists and biologists working within the Institute for Responsible Technology are conducting a well thought out campaign to stop the Genetic Engineering of new seeds and to remove the GMO source foods, Soy, Corn, Cotton, and Canola from the market. The goal is to return the industrialized farm fields of the US and other countries, where Monsanto has coerced governments into promoting GMO seed crops, to planting with ‘natural’ seed. They have achieved success in some projects, getting one serious health threat removed from the scene, Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH), and getting a commitment from President Obama to enact legislation to label all foods produced from GMO seed crops. Their goal is to educate enough people to reach a “Tipping Point” or Phase Transition. This actually happened in the EU where a tipping point was reached and GMO’s were banned. Watch the DVD “Food, Inc.”

The “Maharishi Effect” is a similar phenomenon but in a social setting. Five thousand meditation experts gathered in Washington DC and practiced their techniques for a few days. The crime rate dropped dramatically for an extended period of time. Why? The nature, disposition, and intention of a small segment of the population in the city caused a phase transition!

China has awakened to the dangers of continuing to ignore Global Warming and their part in the process. They have also seen the possible opportunities for technological and commercial growth if they set an example by embracing new energy policies. They have moved strongly on several fronts. China has committed to build 50 new nuclear power plants in the next 10 years. They have developed their solar industry to the extent the price of a solar produced kilowatt hour has dropped from 59 cents to 16 cents. They are implementing viable solutions in the mass transit arena. They have reached a critical inflection point and have recognized it! China is attempting to make the right moves.

Where are you? Have you been educated by your culture (brain washed?) to believe you need a 300 horsepower car? Do you believe that you have a right to cheap gas so that you can consume and emit conspicuously? Do you believe that violent movies are entertaining and generally harmless? Do you find yourself answering the cell phone no mater where you are, even on a chair lift or driving an auto? Do you think that eating Third Pounder Burgers at “Faster Food King,” typically a major customer of Monsanto which controls the production of the major GMO seed foods (corn, soy, cotton, and canola) is actually OK for your health? The evidence is out there! But have you taken any responsibility? For your own immediate health? For your families health? For your carbon footprint? Have you engaged in the ‘Green’ Party, paying lip service to being Green? Remember, “It ain’t easy being Green!” said Kermit the frog. Or have you accepted some of the pain? Have you educated yourself about Global Warming? Have you attempted to influence your legislators to stimulate Green business growth in the fields of solar, wind, hydrogen, and alternative energy sources? Have you worked to stop construction of new coal fired power plants? Have you traded your clunker for a Prius? Are you planning to acquire an all electric vehicle in the immediate future? Is your golf cart electric? Would you use mass transit if available? Have you switched to compact fluorescent bulbs? Do you carpool? Would you abide by a national speed limit of 55 mph if you knew that would save thousands of tons of CO2 emissions? Would you drive at 55 if it would save 10,000 lives per year? 5000 lives per year? 1000 lives? 1 life?

We the citizens of the US are experiencing a critical inflection point. Can we influence the Obama administration recognize the opportunity to re-establish world leadership in the development of renewable energy sources and clean power technologies? Can we convince our legislators to empower US science, engineering, and information technology via appropriate stimulus programs so they can develop the science knowledge necessary to allow us to become a viable partner with China (already strong in motivation, manpower and manufacturing power) to supply the world with cheap and clean power? We have reached a critical inflection point and whether we can cause a phase transition toward a paradigm change for the good of the planet is up to each of us.

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